When Software Projects Go Wrong

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When Software Projects Go Wrong

If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I haven’t been promoting my content as much as I use to. The reason for this is because I recently got a project at work with an unrealistic deadline.  In normal circumstances, I love these kinds of projects because I get to show off my software development skills and to prove that I’m just as good as my coworkers. However, this time was different.

The project required me to use CSS to redesign content to work on a new CMS. When the project was explained to me, it seemed pretty easy and simple. However, things went downhill very fast. At first, I thought I could load a theme in the CMS to help me make the existing content work on the new platform. However, I could not find any themes for this CMS, so it was pretty clear I was going to have to make a theme myself. To help speed things along, I decided to incorporate Twitter Bootstrap into my theme to help speed up the design process. As an added bonus, I could use Bootstrap to help make my theme responsive. After a while, I finally had something I could use to help me complete my task. But this idea of a theme totally backfired. The CMS my company purchased did not support an external CSS stylesheet. I tried searching the internet to see if others were having the same problem but I found no results. In an effort to save what I had worked on, I decided to wrap my CSS in style tags. To my surprise, this did not work either.


At this point, I’m pretty frustrated. I kept thinking why did we buy this? it seemed to do more harm than good. I eventually found some documentation that explained that all CSS styles had to be inline. To make things even worse, Only certain styles were allowed. So, using Bootstrap was completely out of the question. So I started doing everything in-line, and the content I was converting looked terrible. Everything was the wrong size and was not adapting to smaller screens. It seemed like I was better off building my own CMS than using the one provided. I eventually finished doing everything inline. To make a long story short, the customer hated it.  I listened to their feedback and explained the problems with the product But promised to make it work. At the time of writing this post, I’m still working on this project. I’m constantly trying new ideas to speed this up. However, everything I found does not work in the CMS. I’m hoping that something will come up soon. Wish me luck.



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