Hello my name is Derek Cacciotti, I’m a web and iOS developer living in Upstate New York. Since I’m trying to keep this page brief, I’ll spare you the long explanation of my technical background. However, if you are interested in hearing about it you can click here.

Current Projects

  • Slack to Teams: (Official name and description coming soon)
  • LPX is a web app that allows independent restaurants to procure large food orders via multiple distributors at once.
  • Digital Reality Development is my software company I founded in 2017. The focus of this company is to help my customers turn their digital visions into reality. (If your looking to take advantage of my services, please contact me via my company website).
  • Park-Lane Tobacconist Mobile Apps: ParkLane is a local cigar store located in Clifton Park, New York. Through a mutual connection, I was asked to develop a mobile application for their business.

Past Projects

  • Calendario: Calendario was a social calendar app for the iPhone. The purpose of the app was to create events on a calendar and mark each event with a tag. Some example tags were ‘going’ ‘maybe’ and decline. The app also contained several social networking features such as likes, comments and photo uploads. Sadly, the app never took off. While working on this project, I was responsible for developing the status feed, posting status updates, Git repository management, and various server related tasks.
  • Mutiny: Mutiny is a iOS app thats basically a Twitter clone. Sadly, this app never took off
  • SwypeRSS: SwypeRSS is a iOS app that I made to aggregate all of my RSS feeds into one place. This was also my very first iOS app. I like to show clients and employers this because it shows how much I have learned, and that I’m not afraid to take risks.
  • GalaxyFirez: GalaxyFirez is a simple iOS shooter game. Other than that it has no purpose.
  • NinjaFlipz: NinjaFlips is a simple unless runner game for iOS. Other than that it has no purpose.