Specializing in Xamarin Development


Specializing in Xamarin Development

If you have been reading my blog for the last couple weeks, you might have noticed that I have been using Xamarin to develop two mobile applications. When I wrote my initial impressions, I ran into multiple issues with getting the Android SDK to work and I also didn’t know how to use Xamarin Forms, and how to use the build in layouts, such as a StackLayout. Fast Forward a couple of weeks later, I got used to working with Android, working with the layout system and other features. In fact, I originally wrote a quick tutorial on how to use the ListView Control.


That brings us to today, I’m very used to Xamarin and I’m thinking about specializing in it for a couple of reasons:

Reason 1: C#:

It’s very obvious that I love using C# when developing software. The language has a ton of great features and libraries that help me speed up my development time. Compared to Swift, I’m much more comfortable coding and debugging apps in C#. I also found using the native iOS API’s in C# familiar compared to past experiences. However, I will still learn and use Swift as much as I can in order to stay up to date in the iOS world.

Reason 2: Why limit myself to just iOS:

As I continue on my journey to start my own business and take back my life, I have to start thinking long-term in order to gain clients. With that being said, I think learning the Android SDK and developing Android apps are going to be part of that overall vision. So why not learn both? This way I can give myself a challenge and gain more customers and readers.

Reason 3: Its Unique:

Like I mentioned in reason 2, I’m trying to start my own business. However, based on the research I have done, I don’t see any app development companies or IT consulting firms that offer cross-platform mobile app development. Based on what I see, these types of companies have a dedicated iOS developer and an Android developer. Using Xamarin could help create that niche market that I have been looking for.


What do you guys think?

  • tim clemans

    I’m really into progressive web apps because no freakin app store censoring me.

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